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Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep that resulted in near physical exhaustion the next day? If you’ve ever been in bed trying to sleep, tossing and turning for what seems like the entire night, it’s likely that you’ve experienced at least some level of insomnia. Lack of sleep has detrimental effects on many aspects of a person’s wake time. It affects your ability to concentrate, it has negative effects on your mood – making you short-tempered and temperamental and it can even affect your physical performance. What’s worse is that all of these factors work together to play a damaging role in your personal and work relationships.

Essential Oils To Help With Sleep

Everyone who first asks me which oil they should use for helping to get a better night’s rest, I will have a few recommendations for. However, I also do always say that essential oils are an individual thing as well, and whether one particular oil works for you, might not say that it will work for the rest of your family and friends just the same. Each person’s natural health is a very individual thing and you might have to try a few oils first until you find that perfect match for you and the results you’re after.

Which Oils Help You Get Rid Of Sleeplessness?

1、Lavender Essential Oil

If you’ve been around essential oils for a while, you’ll notice that Lavender keeps being mentioned everywhere for a variety of uses from relaxation to cleaning to help with sleeplessness or insomnia. The truth is, Lavender really is an all-star essential oil. It is extremely versatile. It is most commonly known for it relaxing effects on the body and mind. With that, the main effect of lavender can be further summarized in an ability to eliminate nervous tension of all kinds. This means that lavender can help with relaxation; it can relieve pain symptoms, enhance blood circulation, disinfect the skin, and treat respiratory problems. You can see this by reading the ingredient list on popular sleeping aid essential oil blends: The Tranquility Blend Ingredients are: Lavender, Blood Orange, Frankincense, Bergamot, Valerian, German Chamomile. (details here) The Sleep Tight Blend Ingredients are: Lavender, Spanish Marjoram, Ylang Ylang, Copaiba, Roman Chamomile, Rue, Sandalwood (details here) Overall, I’m personally a firm believer that the first oil you should try for insomnia, would be Lavender.

2、Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil comes in a few different varieties (Blue Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, German Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile,..) so please make sure that for this purpose, you get Roman Chamomile as it is the best for acting as a calming agent and the most effective one to use for insomnia. Roman Chamomile is an ancient herb that can help with your sleeplessness caused from chronic stress, headaches or nervous disorders. It is a great choice to help you relax and prepare for sleep. Chamomile can also aid the efficiency of your digestive function, making this oil especially handy when suspecting that your sleeplessness might also have a relation to some digestive problems. Combined with Lavender above, Roman Chamomile Oil is a powerful and effective choice of a natural sleep aid treatment.

3、Sweet Marjoram Essential Oil

You need to select the correct variety of Marjoram oil for insomnia as there are a few different plants/oils that go by the simple name of ‘marjoram’ only. The recommended variety is Sweet Marjoram because it is said to have a calming and sedating action on the nervous system, which can certainly help when trying to go to sleep. Sweet Marjoram can also help lower blood pressure, ease hyperactivity, and soothe feelings of grief, loneliness and rejection – all of which can add to a person’s suffering of insomnia. Like lavender and roman chamomile essential oils, sweet marjoram essential oil combined together with the previous oils can produce a highly effective synergistic blend for insomnia. Blended these three oils in different proportions to suit your personal preferences for fragrance. Regardless on how you blend them together, you should certainly be able to start feeling the benefit of a better nights sleep after you use these oils.


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