Your browser does not support JavaScript! The 2017 Lifestyle Resolutions

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It’s New Year and there’s no better opportunity to make the best out of it by setting up new resolutions. Making it achievable is the key! Here are four simple and practical resolutions for you that will improve your lifestyle and make you a much better person in 2017.Like the old roman proverb says ”a sound mind in a sound body”, may your 2017 a year stay healthy and happy.

1、Healthy Diet

A healthy lifestyle begins with a balanced diet. That’s why we should start after the feasts with restricting Christmas sweets. However, not only sweet treats can adversely affect our condition, too much salt can also harm our body. British cuisine is famous for its fish and chips, hearty pies, sausages and bacon. Thus, many British eat too salty, what can lead to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
Another factor is too much coffee and black tea, because caffeine deprives our body of water and lowers the blood-sugar level. That’s why we often fancy some sweets when we drink or just have finished a cup. Therefore, you should pay more attention to what and how much you eat and drink in the New Year. 

​2、Proper Fitness

The nuts and bolts of a fit body is exercise. More important than the length of the training is its regularity and variety, so that we don’t get bored of it. As not everyone is sports nut and into gyms, but you should try to go jogging 30 minutes or a 50-minute walk in the nature twice a week. And also try daily stretching because stretching doesn’t just lengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility and thus, relax your whole body, but it also stimulates the lymph flow. This in turn, reduces water retention in the body and, especially important for women, decreases cellulite. For stretching reduces the retention of excess lymph in the fat pads of orange skin. So what are you waiting for? Let’s stretch those limbs! 

​3、Adequate Relaxation

The key to a sound mind lies in relaxation. Everyone recovers differently, at the massage, in the sauna, with Yoga or with a glass of wine. Thus, you need to find your own way to inner peace and relaxation. I would recommend you though a simple and affordable method, like a relaxing bath before sleeping. The warm water eases your muscles and body, and washes your worries and stress away. Thus, we can unwind and just relax. Moreover, a bath with sea salt is a good remedy against annoying orange skin. Then salt is rich in magnesium, which stimulates the skin metabolism. So, treat your soul and body from time to time with a hot bath. 

4、Improved Productivity

A sound mind and body are fundamental for your daily performance and success. You can further improve your efficiency for example by going to bed bevor midnight, because sleep between eleven and two o’clock is said to be very sound and has a particularly relaxing effect. At work, take short breaks, remove eyes from the screen frequently and make to some stretching exercises for arms and shoulders. Even simple circular movements help to loosen your neck and shoulder musculature, which tend to be tensed when working on a computer.
These minibreaks also relax the eyes and defend against dry eyes. To protect your eyes even further, you should arrange the right lighting at your work space. Choose a flexible LED lamp, which, on one hand, can lighten up every corner at your workplace. Don’t go for a “bright” illumination as the direct light can counter your expectation. If you’re working on a screen, an illumination adjusted to the ambient light and the monitor brightness is recommended, as it reduces contrast glare.
You recognize this kind of lighting on a bright illumination on the sides and a darker middle. This feature creates a completely even, comfortable eye-protecting lighting, which increases your concentration and, thus, your performance.