Your browser does not support JavaScript! One Simple Step for Good Eye-Gonomics

Posted on by ACG E-commerce

Do you find yourself looking at one screen or another for hours each day?

You’re not alone – surveys suggest that the average person look at the screen for about 10 hours each day across a variety of devices.

A search online suggested I was at risk from both ‘direct’ glare (when light sources shine directly into the eyes, including light from electronic screens) and ‘indirect’ glare (reflected light from nearby surfaces). Different light sources of different intensities upset the overall ‘balance’, which generates contrast glare and can make reading from electronic screens harder on the eyes.


So what is required for perfect eye-gonomics?

Surprisingly, we still rely on rather rudimentary solutions to improve our viewing comfort. Changing furnishings, moving desks, special lamp shades and diffusers, sitting at angles to windows, ugly screen filters – all the solutions seem at odds with our modern, technologically advanced world. Our electronic devices have developed rapidly but it seems solutions to improve our viewing comfort are firmly rooted in the last century. The solutions I found also tend to ignore how portable our devices are – we are no longer chained to a desk so we need eye-gonomic solutions that work in a variety of environments.

I wanted something stylish and effective that would work in my home office where I have both a desk and next to it some comfortable seating for relaxed reading. Improved lighting seemed like a good option but I wanted a simple plug-in solution that would not consume too much energy. A colleague recommended LED lighting as it would save energy; however, my experience of LED is that it can appear quite harsh. I tried searching for an LED lamp with an option to adjust the brightness and colour so I could have a softer light when I needed it.

To my surprise I found exactly what I needed! An LED lamp that was designed specifically for e-reading! Not only did it have the option to tailor the colour and brightness, it also offered really wide, even illumination which means it sits on my desk but also illuminates the comfortable reading area next to it.

​What impresses me most is that my new lamp is now as advanced as the other technology I use. For example, it automatically adjusts how light is distributed so that there is more to the sides and less in the centre (to reduce contrast glare), and can adapt the luminance levels to suit the surrounding environment. It even looks great on my desk with cutting edge design in slim, cool aluminium. 

​I now experience perfect eye-gonomics when using my electronic screens without compromise.