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  • 5 Tips For Healthy Eyes

    5 Tips For Healthy Eyes

    ​Eyes, what are they good for? Absolutely everything! We consume the world around us with them. Everything from enjoying nature’s beauty to watching epic blockbusters at the cinema, and lets not forget about the time spend staring into a variety of digital screens. All these activities rely on our eyes....

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  • One Simple Step for Good Eye-Gonomics

    One Simple Step for Good Eye-Gonomics

    Do you find yourself looking at one screen or another for hours each day? You’re not alone – surveys suggest that the average person look at the screen for about 10 hours each day across a variety of devices. A search online suggested I was at risk from both ‘direct’...

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  • The 2017 Lifestyle Resolutions

    The 2017 Lifestyle Resolutions

    It’s New Year and there’s no better opportunity to make the best out of it by setting up new resolutions. Making it achievable is the key! Here are four simple and practical resolutions for you that will improve your lifestyle and make you a much better person in 2017.Like the...

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