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As a parent, what to invest for your school going children is more of a trouble than a question. A quick answer should be like—providing a good surrounding for your child to grow up, develop their talents and chase their dreams. It’s easier said than done.

Is there anything we can do that makes studying part of your children’s daily life and also help studies? Yes, but we’ll need to go back to the basics.


1.Minimal Distractions is Key

First, it is crucial to tell what is beneficial from what is not. With that said, designate a special time and place to study is what needs to be done. When you establish a routine for your young child to do learning projects, they will get more used to school learning.

After all, what is learned at an early age will be easier later on. A specific place that is set up for their studies will help your child to concentrate and do their assignments. To create a safe and quiet place, remove any unnecessary distractions.

For example, a television or ringing phone nearby will probably divert their attention away from their homework. Or when younger siblings are around, find a place that is more sound proof.

To also visually design a “study zone,” you can put up a schedule for their classes and assignments. Or add some other materials that inspire your kid to study, such as a globe. How much fun is it to explore the world by looking at the map of the world?


2.Organize Your Desk

The main piece of furniture in a study area probably is a writing desk. Make sure you have an adjustable one because children grow up faster than you think. If you happen to share your workplace with your child, it’s better to have a desk that fits you both.

Especially if you share a workspace, your child does their homework in the afternoon and you use it to do some work during the evening, you want to have a desk that fits your both.

Also provide the materials necessary to get organized and ready for learning. Next to stationary, think about folders to keep their assignments. You could give them a cabinet especially to put your individual child’s study materials.

In this way, when they go over to the desk, they enter their “study zone” with everything they need for learning.


3.A Fitting Seat Does More than Holding You

A chair is essential for anyone that sits down to do. However, not every chair is suitable for every person. Especially for growing children, it is important to use a seat that is adjustable to their height, so that they are able to sit upright, but also not have to stretch too much.

The correct way to sit is with their feet flat on the floor, back up straight, forearms resting on the desk with their elbows on 90 degrees, and their neck and shoulders relaxed. This is the best position for your child to be comfortable and concentrate on assignments, without developing any muscle pains.

Did you know that bad posture may create more difficulties to handwriting? Therefore, it’s just all the more important for your child to fasten their seatbelt on a suitable chair.


4.Make proper lighting a Priority

Last but definitely not the least; an intelligent lamp will do more wonders than you expected for an effective learning. Not paying much attention to whether there is proper illumination, most children would not turn the light on when doing homework.

To keep However, sufficient lighting is crucial to protect eyes from strain and sore. A lamp with a sensor that is able to detect the brightness of the surroundings and adopt accordingly for optimal illumination to match the ambient lighting as well as the user scenario. 

That is to say, more light will be given if the room is dim; lamp will tone down a bit if the room is bright. Next, when children are doing a project, they will invariably move around. It is just impossible to make them sit still under a small spotlight. An adaptive lamp with a wide illumination range and can adapt and deliver illumination in any desired angle and direction be beneficial for multiple purposes, especially reading and studying.
We believe the above tips help every child gain a better balance of studying and fun. Why don’t we try some effective yet effortless read as at the start of the year 2017?


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