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If you’re worried about spending long hours in front of the computer screen and how it affects your eye health, follow these six tips to improve your comfort and work productivity at the office!

1、Use Proper Lighting 

Reading with proper lighting is a general recommendation to protect the eyes, but did you know it’s not enough to just shine a light at your computer screen or rely on the screen’s brightness to illuminate your surroundings? Many position desk lights above the monitor causing uncomfortable glare. Reduce unwanted glare caused by bright screens by finding LED desk lamps that can adjust the level of illumination delivered across the lamp shade, allowing for brighter illumination on the sides and dimmer in the middle

2、Blink More ​

Blinking is a simple exercise that can be performed anywhere and anytime. It is a useful, yet often overlooked exercise that can help moisten dry eyes after a period of screen time. Computer users tend to blink less so it’ll take a conscious mental reminder to practice blinking during periods of rest from the screen. Try to slowly close your eyelids twenty times to increase lubrication between the eyelids.


3、Eye Exercise

One simple eye exercises can be done right at your seat to relax the eye muscles. Close your eyes and imagine a figure 8 on its side. Trace the number with your eyes in one direction and then reverse directions. Repeat this several times. 


4、Take breaks

Sitting in front of the screen too long doesn’t help with work productivity. A study by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) found that spacing out short, 5-min breaks throughout the day not only didn’t affect productivity, but effectively reduced workers’ eye discomfort levels. Concentrate on your task for 20 minutes and rest your eyes by looking away from the monitor and focus on something in the distance. Get up from your seat every hour to stretch tense muscles.


5、Adjust monitor settings 

Most office workers who spend a considerable amount of time working on their computers suffer the unwanted eye strain that comes from too much exposure to screen light. There are some convenient adjustments that can be made to your monitor’s settings to alleviate some of the strain off your eyes. Compare the brightness of your monitor with that of your surroundings. The two should be similar. If your monitor appears too bright, it will stand out like a light source. Also, when you are browsing the internet, zoom in the pages so the text is large and comfortable to read.


6、Workstation Setup 

Lastly, you can setup your workstation ergonomically to work comfortably. The best position for your monitor is to have it 50-60 cm  away from you. The monitor should be adjusted to a height level where the center of the screen is 10-15 degrees below your eyes so your neck is comfortably positioned.



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