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Options, options, options, whether you’re buying a box of cereal or deciding on what brand of car to go with, the world today is full of options. When choosing a desk lamp its no different, so here are six helpful tips to help making the right decision for the perfect lamp that much easier.

1、Go LED

With advances in manufacturing technology LED lights are more affordable than ever. But what actually makes LED lights better than competitors?

Well a life span about twenty times that of traditional lights, 70% less power consumption on average, and eco-friendly materials to name a few. Moreover LED lights are very eco-friendly, and they disperse light more evenly than traditional lights, have zero UV emissions, and allow for more flexible designs.


2、Innovative Design

One of the great things about LED lights is that they have allowed designers to take light design to places it has never been before. It used to be the lamp shade that determined the dispersement of the light, but due to the flexibility LED technology offers, the shape of the light affects dispersement.

Therefore you want a light with a modern design that takes advantage of this leap in technology and uses it to give you a wide and even dispersement of light. An example of this would be LED lights that use a cool arc shape to allow for a wider dispersement of light. The arc-shaped desk lamp and arc floor lamp are very popular now.


With the crowded desks of the modern worker you need a lamp that fits your needs. So look for a LED desk lamp that is adaptable to your specific needs and is designed with the user in mind. Some LED lamps now come with “e-Reading modes to give you the perfect balance of light between your digital screen and the ambient light created by the lamp. This will eliminate glare and provide you with a balanced reading environment conducive to proper eye care, something commonly overlooked by many digital readers.



With the increased functions of LED lights it’s easier for designers to get carried away and create a lamp that has more buttons and controls than your air conditioner. At the end of the day it’s still just a desk lamp, so look for a design that brings the increased adaptability and customisability of the LED technology without sacrificing the simplicity of what a lamp is supposed to do.

5、Color of Light

The “mood of the light is also important. Make sure you get a LED lamp that has the ability to change the temperature of the light so you can get a warm hue when you want a relaxing atmosphere and a cold hue when you need that more stimulating vibe for your working environment.


Last but not least is aesthetics. You want a lamp that is going to give a nice touch to your desk but not to the point where it’s the first thing your coworkers notice when they walk by. Find a nice design, and see if the manufacture offers different styles or colour palates for what you’re looking for, and make sure to pick one that fits your area. 

So that’s it six easy tips for your next desk lamp purchase, happy hunting!



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    I appreciate you providing some basic tips when choosing what type of lamp is best to buy such as the LED-type of lamps. You stated that LED lamps are eco-friendly and are more energy efficient than its competitors which make them more practical to buy. The fact that they have a lifespan of at least twenty more times than the average light, I fell that this type of lamp is indeed the best choice. If I were to purchase my own, I would seriously go for an LED lamp. Thanks.

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