Your Back to School Essentials

Whether you ended summer with a high note or spent the last days of summer winding down, many of you will be heading back to school with new gadgets to show off and exciting stories to share with old and new friends?

If you’re heading back to your dorm, you may have new décor ideas to make your living space more hip and comfortable. For both commuters and those living on campus, be sure to haul your stationary supplies during the back-to-school sale periods to land good deals and save up.?
Here are some back-to-school essentials that you may consider buying for your dorm:

1. Good task lamp

?You may not have the luxury of changing ceiling lights or installing a floor lamp if you share your dorm room with a buddy. What you can do is to choose a sturdy and stylish lamp that will serve two main purposes: to illuminate your workspace during study sessions and to provide a warm white illumination that is relaxing. Be sure to find a task light that can adjust brightness and colour temperature and has glare reducing features.?

2. Digital note-taking product

Growing up in the era of pen and paper, most of my note-taking days consisted of copying down blackboard lecture notes onto loose-leaf paper and then retyping them once I got home on my computer. With new technologies emerging faster than early adopters can keep up, you may be appalled at the idea of having your written notes automatically transferred to your smartphone or tablet. For die-hard pen and paper fans, you won’t have to sacrifice handwritten work in exchange for a digital copy of your notes with this new digital note-taking product.?

3. Coffee maker

?The fragrant smell of brewed coffee in the morning is sure to get most people out of the bed. Capsule coffee machines have been the hype in these past few years, saving precious morning time for other last minute things. But if you had a late night study session or partied until the early hours, you might find it hard to walk by your java maker and pop a capsule in and pour milk into the milk frother. No worries. Now, some machines on the market can be activated right from your smartphone, brewing your coffee while you’re still in bed. When you’re ready to head out, your cup of coffee is ready to go!

4. Essential oil diffuser

?If you like to step into a fragrant room then you won’t want to skip out on an essential oil diffuser. Air fresheners sometimes contain harmful chemicals that may not be suitable for long term usage. So a diffuser would be a safer alternative. Choose 100% pure essential oils to put in a diffuser. Depending on your room size, select one that is small and sturdy, with a suitable water tank size, an attractive design and a low humming noise level.??

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