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Car USB Diffuser Essential Oils Portable Vehicle-Mounted Cool Mist Aromatherapy Humidifier Ultrasonic Mini 110ml Purifier Small Air Freshener Travel/Office/Study/Home

  • Large mist volume
  • Top air intake
  • Two working modes
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About the product
  • Top air intake: Different from traditional vehicle-mounted aroma diffusers adopting a bottom air intake design, our car diffuser air freshener adopt a top air intake and mist outlet is smoother
  • Rotection of the core part from water when toppling: Our patented valve design uses a built-in steel ball to shut the valve automatically when it topples in order to protect the core part from water, removing the need to be overcautious
  • Large mist volume: The water is concentrated and the volume of the spout on the atomizer plate reduced, allowing 5 w of energy to generate instantaneous oscillation and create 3 million nano drops per second
  • Portable design: The car diffuser humidifier can be driven by portable power, vehicle USB port or PC USB port, enabling it to be used on different occasions such as yoga, working, travelling or in the car
  • Two working modes: Red light for humidifier mode with a mist volume of 30 ml/h; blue light for aromatherapy mode with a mist volume of 18 ml/h


The rated voltage is just 5V, but the mist is larger than 24V's diffuser, and your working table won't get wet because of the circulation of the mist.

Ultra Quiet

Adopt sound-free designed, the noise is under 30dB, you will not hear the drip of the water.

QHow many functions of the humidifier?
AThe diffuser has these functions: 1. Intermittent mist; 2. Continuous mist; 3. Aromatherapy diffuser.
QWhat is the capacity?
AThe capacity is 110ml.
QHow long will it works when fulling of water?
A You can use it about 3.5 H with continuous mist, and 6H with intermittent mist.
QCan I add essential oils into it?
AYes you can add the oil you like into it and enjoy the fragrance.
QWhy the mist is low?
A1. A new machine or a product not in use for long time usually needs 1-5 minutes to release mist, because the cotton bar needs time to absorb water; 2. Bad water quality makes the atomizer contaminated .
More Information
Color Light Wood Grain
Capacity 120ml
Material PP/ABS
Control Remote Control
Power Adaptor 120V input, 50/60HZ, 5W ,12V output
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